Bill Beaumont Textiles is vastly growing and with an increase of 6 launches each season, so we decided it was time to try something new and work with a photography studio to produce our room shots.


We have just finished our first photoshoot with Vanilla Pod Studios in Adlington, who have worked with the likes of Matalan and many more. It has been great getting to see behind the scenes of what happens in the studio.

So much goes into one room set photo that we don’t think about, like how much lighting is needed and from which angle, where the camera is best placed to make the set look like you could walk right into it and even down to the positioning of accessories.

For the Bill Beaumont designers, this put all their trend knowledge to the test as picking the right furnishings and the right colour theme is crucial depending on the mood you want to give for that design.


We started off our shoot by filming our large range of sheers, and what a collection to start with! The sheers have truly come to life, made up as curtains and blinds and we can’t wait for you to see them!  Keep an eye out on our website where they will all be shown.

Doing this photoshoot has showed us just how atmospheric sheers can be when placed in any room, whether it’s in a welcoming living room, a tranquil bedroom or a zen bathroom. We hope that some of our pairing will give you ideas on how to use these sheers, we paired them with some of our new range plains so you can see how well they suit.