By now, you’ll all (hopefully) be aware of our latest collection, Scandi. This collection was aptly inspired by the Scandinavian and ‘Hygge’ trends that have flooded the internet, interior design magazines and our high streets over recent years. Despite the often-hectic lives we lead here in the UK, we seem to have latched onto the Scandinavian cultural trend for ‘laid-back-living’ when it comes to our homes; wanting to create more cosy, comforting, and relaxed environments. The ‘Hygge’ phenomenon has not only taken off as an interiors trend but as a way of living. It is the acknowledgment of a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special. So, we’ve pulled together a little check list for anyone wanting to bring a little more ‘Hygge’ into their lives…

 1. Candles – Clean, fresh interiors can be transformed into cosy, flickering escapes simply by adding some candlelight, and is one of the most achievable ‘Hygge’ moments for the home.

annika 1

2. Texture – Think chunky knit or faux fur cushions and throws, and fluffy woollen rugs; all great for creating a cosy and warming interior, ideal for the ‘Hygge’ look.


3. The simple things – Don’t feel you need invest in expensive décor to ‘Hygge’ up your home. Small changes like treating yourself to a pretty plant, an indulgent scented candle, or finally putting up those family photos, can make a big difference.


4. Loungewear – Embrace being comfy in your own home! Whether baggy trackies or fluffy pajamas are your thing, comfort and relaxation is the aim.

5. Friends – ‘Hygge’ is best enjoyed with friends. So, make any excuse for a gathering and get some friends round to eat some wholesome food by candlelight or in front of a fire, get some games going, or have a cosy night on the sofa putting the world to right over a glass (or bottle) of wine.

6. Hobbies – A great way to switch off and refocus the mind. Whether it’s taking up a new craft, learning a new skill, or simply putting aside some time to sit and read, a few solitary hours will help you to feel refreshed.

7. No need to rush – As inevitable as it is at times, try to not rush around at home. Teach yourself to take each moment as it comes and to help daily stresses melt away.

8. Don’t overdo – No need for extravagance; ‘Hygge’ homes are about creating warming and inviting environments you and your visitors don’t want to leave.

9. Enjoy every space in your home – The key idea of ‘Hygge’ is to enjoy the space around you, so fill every space with things to that will help achieve this, creating sanctuaries in each room in the home for you to sink into at any time.


10. ‘Hygge’ isn’t just for Winter – Though generally associated with cosiness, ‘Hygge’ can be enjoyed all year round. Visiting local parks or forests with friends, and sunny BBQ days in the garden are just come of the ways to ‘Hygge’ in Spring and Summer.