Here we have collated some tips for making the most out of the section of your room that tends to get neglected – your windows!

Heavy material for blinds don’t just make the room warmer but make for an expensive look. Great for keeping warm and keeping the sophistication in your design choices.

Striking and sharp patterns on curtains and blinds draw the eye to the lightest part of the room. Leave the rest of the room in natural colours. This works great in a bathroom with its plain furnishings incorporating the colours from the blind in with things like soap dispensers, vases, candle holders and floor mats.


roll up blind

Soft fabric roll up blinds make for a charming top decoration for your window frame, tied in place with matching fabric or lace can suggest a homemade impression.


conservatory roll ups

Roll up blinds work especially well in conservatories with having lots of window panels. Use a patterned roll up blind, botanical and foliage trends work well for this to create the go between from your home and the outdoors. This creates a fashion statement and gives has the versatility of having privacy when you need it without losing the feeling of the outdoors.


half curtain

Kitchen blinds are most commonly put up to fill the window frame and are not usually used. But if your kitchen is often overlooked the best solution is a half curtain. This still gives you the privacy with enough light coming in but without too much flowing fabric to get in the way.


tie top curtains

For a different way to hang your curtains other than the eyelets and pinch pleats, have tied tops to make your window setting look homemade.


blind and curtain

Mixing blinds and curtains doesn’t just add extra warmth but jazzes up your frame. A fuller window frame makes big rooms feel warmer.


wooden venitains

Wooden venetian blinds are making a comeback but this time appearing in bright colours. Make the bright splash of colour the blind in your room with matching spots of the colour in the accessories.

get crafting




ombre curtain 1                                                    ombre curtain 2                                                              ombre curtain 3                                                           ombre curtain 4

The dip dyed and ombre hair styles have been a popular trend for a while, now designers are putting this idea into curtains. Who would of though having a simple pair of curtains could look so effective!

And this is an easy look to create yourself. Using lighter fabrics work better and take to the colour more. Follow this step by step to help you create the look:



circular window

Circular windows can be hard to dress and can end up looking odd with the wrong curtain. Having a full length curtain, track hung in a thin fabric in the same colour as the walls, will help blend in, leaving the notability to the window.

patio french 1                                               patio french 2                                             patio french 3

Add thermal lining to your curtains to keep in the warmth. With patio and French doors being full length glass use three or four different curtains. However make sure to use curtains of the same pattern, go for all geometric shapes or all florals. This even works for mixed sheers and lace for those warmer months to keep your room cooler.


bay window 1                                                                                    bay window 2

These can be very tricky to get right, but having a separate curtain or blind on each window panel has a neater look. Why not alternate between 2 prints for each window. Alternatively you could have a curtain going straight across the whole of the bay to save drawing the curtains individually.

glass door 1                                                       glass door 2                                                     frosted glass

Curtains aren’t just for windows, if you have a glass front door it can be hard to have any privacy. Hanging a sheer curtain to the top of the door still allows the light in if you have a dark hallway, and with all the contemporary sheers now making their way into stores you will be stuck for choice! Another solution is blurring the glass with designs added in like above, welcoming your guest with a uniquely modern door.