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An exciting addition to our product range is our new collection of double width sheer fabrics. We have a design for every taste with plains of varying textures, subtle colour combinations and stunning detailed embroideries.

With an array of 32 designs to choose from;

Aria – White, Off-White, Ivory, Parchment, Champagne, Cream, Shell, Sand, Gold, Honey, Straw, Mink, Sandstone, Natural, Chocolate, Plum, Scarlet, Soft Lime, Duck Egg, Beige, Cloud, Silver, Ash, Charcoal, Pebble, Dove, Vanilla, Soft Gold, Crystal, Alabaster, Magnolia, Blonde, Latte, Greige, Caramel, Steal, Smoke.

Grace  and Luna – White, Off-White, Parchment, Cream, Vanilla, Beige, Honey, Latte, Shell, Natural, Straw, Champagne, Citrus, Cloud, Ash, Ivory, Duck Egg.

Emma – White, Off-White, Ivory, Parchment, Natural, Silver.

Mila, Elsie and Aurora – Off-White, Ivory, Cream, Natural, Gold, Ash.

Sophie – Off-White, Ivory, Natural, Cream.

Alexa and Ariana – Ivory, Gold, Ivory Gold.

Charlie and Abigail – Off-White, Cream, Ivory, White, Shell, Parchment, Vanilla.

Zara – White, Ivory, Cream, Taupe, Aqua, Silver, Mauve, Cloud, Sandstone, Gold.

Scarlett – Honey, Ivory, Cream, White

Daisy – Ivory, Off-White, Cream, Straw, Natural, Mocha, Shadow, Cloud, Blush, White.

Penelope – Ivory, Off-White, Cream, Straw, Sandstone, Parchment, Blush, Shadow, Hazelnut, White.

Ella – Off-White, Ivory, Cream, Cream Gold, Gold

Olivia- Cream, Honey, Ivory, Pale Gold, Gold, Taupe, Silver, White.

Harper – Silver, Pebble, White, Aqua, Lavender, Ink Blue.

Emily – White, Ivory, Cream, Parchment, Beige, Straw, Pebble, Ash, Sky Blue, Smoke, Sandstone.

Mia – White, Ivory, Cream, Shell, Pebble, Sandstone, Gold, Mint, Ink Blue.

Ava – Ivory, Cream, Gold, Silver, Pebble, Blush, Aqua, Lime.

Gabriella – White, Silver, Gold, Lavender, Aqua, Ink Blue.

Ria – Ivory, Cream, Pebble, Silver, Natural.

Florence, Isla, Ariska, Thea, Saskia, Seraphina and Orla – Natural, Gold, Silver, Shell.

Heidi – Natural, Gold.