So, this week we thought we’d give you a little look behind the scenes of our most recent photoshoot for our new collection coming out this Spring, Scandi.

Like the majority of our photoshoots, it took place at Mr & Mrs Beaumont’s lovely home in Lytham St Annes. We’d spent the day before planning where every curtain and blind was going to be shot and setting up the first shot for each location, meaning we could get stuck right in on the day when the photographer arrived. This also gave our first set of curtains a night to hang and drop out any kinks.

For this shoot, we wanted to get some bedroom shots done to highlight the versatility of this collection, and also to showcase our great bed-runners (that you can order through our Made For You service). As you can see, this involved our photographer getting set up in some amusing positions in the en-suite, and Hilary getting the rubber gloves out to clean the windows, oh the glamour!

PS1                                                                                 PS2

PS3                                                                                 PS4

          After we were happy with these shots, we moved everything upstairs to the living room where the majority of the shoot was taking place. Sadly the sun wasn’t shining too brightly for us so we had to create our own!

PS6                                                                    PS5

This collection was inspired by the popular Scandinavian trend for ‘laid-back-living’, so we had a very clear theme in mind for the shoot. We wanted the shots to have a calm and soothing feel. This was achieved through different use of lighting, and new accessories bought specifically for the shoot, like a cosy knitted throw, a knitted pouffe, and geometric candle holders.

PS7                                                                              PS8

So after a long day of heavy lifting and moving furniture around, by myself and Hilary mainly as (silly!) Jordan had dislocated his shoulder, we were happy to call it a wrap! The following weeks included editing and approving final images, pulling together the lytho for the fabric books, and getting the last bits and pieces ready for launch.

We are hoping to launch the Scandi Collection in March, so make sure you keep an eye out… But if you just can’t wait, here’s a few of our favourite shots as a little teaser for you!

PS13                                                                                               PS12

    PS11                                                                             PS10