So guys you’ve just bought your new home, ready to start your new life with a blank canvas of opportunity in each room. Or your Axminster carpet has seen better days and it’s time to give your home a fresh look. So you leave that one to the woman of the house to pick the theme and just hope it’s not too much on the feminine side right?

Well in this month’s blog we will show you how to give your room that touch of masculinity, using the current trends, you can create a room that is comfortable, edgy and very contemporary that your guests won’t want to leave!   

The following design ideas work great together to create the ultimate macho feeling, however if you only want a subtle theme then using the neutral colours along with some of the following interiors would work great too.


Let’s start with some colours. Darker tones and neutrals are best.

A great combination would be the use of brown in furniture or wooden floors, with red accents and black as a comfortable filler.

Any easy colour choice is black and white, which you can pair with raw materials such as brick walls and wood. Adding in some old metals to give the colour theme a lift.



The Style

Clean, crisp and sharp edges, using geometrics work nicely for patterns in the room but also in the furniture. Incorporate brass metals as shelving or planters.

On the other hand natural rough textures such as wood and brick walls as mentioned before can contrast nicely, this is what will truly give your room its masculine edge.   

Tartan and Checkboard are good designs to incorporate too.




Leather is the only way to go when choosing a sofa for your theme, giving a confident and bold statement. If you are styling for a bedroom, then a leather headboard wouldn’t go a miss.




Adding in ornaments such as metal crafted abstract pieces, retro memorabilia and clocks will add character, the quirkier the better, this is where you can show off your interests and personality.

Clusters of wall art can add a dramatic statement to a wall. By in keeping with the colour theme try having various black and white photos, framed black in different sizes. If you are wanting a younger and livelier style, hang comic book or nostalgic posters.



Contemporary Tables

Use inventive things for tables such as old suitcases and reclaimed material like metal and wood. If you are a dap hand at DIY, why not create something yourself, there won’t be another like it!



Spotlight lamps

Lights, camera, action! Modern lighting is taking inspiration from our practical spotlights. Add emphasis with floor standing lamps, which can allow you to focus light on certain parts of the room, while leaving the rest of the room with a moody glow. 



And you are all set! Creating a masculine theme is all about making it comfortable for you, so choose which accessories fit best in your home.