Are you looking for some new lighting? We have found some contemporary lighting that you may not have thought about buying.

When it comes to lightshades anything goes! Designers are bringing out all kinds of materials like metal, basketry, wire and even wood.

lighting tip

its all about the clusters

light10                                               light16                                            light7

In a lot of lighting you will see groups of shades together enabling more light for a room and to create a statement. Clustered lights are also used as part of the décor, like an ornament so they may not give off as much light.


totally wired

light1                                                       light2                                                         light3

The thing that cannot be avoided with lighting are the wires, there is no escaping them and it can be hard to hide them. Designers are using this to their advantage by having long wired lights, normally associated with builders lights, and wrapping or entwining them around things to create a new kind of light fitting.


its geometricity

light4                                                        light8                                                     light28

For a modern vibe geometric lights are the way to go. Being so versatile, this trend can easily be fitted into many different room schemes.


swinging from the chandeliers

light5                                                            light6                                                                  light9

Chandeliers have always been a firm favourite throughout the eras. Looking spectacular in any room, choose from the traditional styles or some of the more contemporary designs.

Make your celling light your main feature above your dining table. Chandeliers were used in this way for a grand centre piece and to fill those large rooms. Although chandeliers are being used in more places than just the dining room. Go large and hang your chandelier in your hallway, or if you have a twisting staircase make a feature of the negative space flowing down the centre.
a taste of morocco

light21                                             light22                                              light24                                              light30

Everyone is loving the Moroccan trends, having the feeling of that luxurious holiday lifestyle in your own home. The beautiful thing about Moroccan lighting is the projections it creates when turned on. See the delicate patterns bouncing onto the walls and ceilings, giving an added depth to your room. This trend brings everything down a level, tables and sofas are lower and cushions get scattered on the floor along with decorative rugs. Lanterns are placed on the floor or going up the stairs to make some cosy mood lighting.



led all the way

light25                                             light26                                             light27                                               light29

Led lights are a cheap way of creating mood lighting. They can be found anywhere and come in a variety of styles. Drape them over a bed or have a full wall, they also work very well with sheers to in keep the light and soft look.