Ultra Violet is Pantone’s colour of the year, being a very vibrant shade most would assume you would have to be daring to use it in your home décor. That is not the case as anyone can use a drop of this sophisticated purple.

Here we have complied some ideas and accessories that will help you in your renovating.


Tackling the colour:

There are two ways of using Ultra Violet in a room. If you want a full colour room for a dramatic look, then having purple painted walls are the way to go. This style works better in larger rooms. Or alternatively to keep your room lighter inject the rich purple into statement furniture instead. This is better for small spaces as a full wall can close up the room. But don’t just have one painted wall or one armchair in the colour, accompany it with rugs, throws, ornaments and photo frames that are Ultra Violet to bring everything in together.

And don’t just stop at the colour in its plain form, picking designs with the hue in it is a great way of displaying it on curtains and blinds and breaking up the plain block shapes in a room.




Using neutral colours like greys and whites will complement the colour nicely.

For additional pairing colours take colours close to the purple colour spectrum such as Ink and midnight blues and amethysts. Green is great for a polar opposite to inject a different shade altogether.




Gold, brass or copper metals in keep with the royal colour temperament.

Wooden floors create for a contemporary style.

Potted plants and hangers are the perfect way of introducing a little green into the colour scheme.