Grey/silver monochrome tones have become increasingly popular colours for us and in fact, we are now selling more colours that fall into this category than duck egg or aqua colours.

We wouldn’t go as far as saying that this is a sign that duck egg is finally going out of fashion, but it does show that greys, silvers and charcoal fabrics are likely to be a fixture for the next couple of years at least.

The pie chart below shows how our sales mix by colour. No surprise that naturals are the most popular but the popularity of monochrome colours and also purple took us a little by surprise.

We are advising our customers to ensure that their fabric samples that they offer to consumers mirrors this, and that enough purple and grey/silver/charcoal options are available for today’s customer.

BLOG WORKLooking to add more monochrome fabrics to your sample selection? We would defiantly recommend looking at our Boutique and Finesse collections. They contain fabrics that we have described as being ‘Misty’ in colour, which we believe really hits the right colour tone and texture for the current trend.

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