Red and green are the typical colours associated with Christmas, but don’t feel like you have to fit in with the traditional colours. Style your Christmas the way you want it, why not plan it around the colour scheme in your room? To give you some ideas here are some colour trends going for this Christmas…

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Crafters are catching onto a cheaper way of make your home look classy but for half the price. Air drying clay can be found in any craft shop and with no firing needed anyone can have a go! Use cutters to cut out shapes and alphabet stamps to add text. This can be used to create your tree decorations, garlands or 3D ornaments. With matt pottery trending you can leave your finished clay white or even add some bits of colour.

Tip: While the clay is still soft, make holes in your shapes as desired and once dry weave ribbon and threads through.

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You can even make your baubles unique to you, just by buying some clear plastic baubles with removable tops you can fill your decorations with whatever your heart desires! Polaroids, craft pine cones, fake snow, even chocolate, anything you decorative it with will not be like any others.

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When it comes to making Christmas wreaths there is no right or wrong way to do it. Create it however you like, add words like Joy or Peace, use twine and twigs or spray paint leaves. Manipulate the humble wreath to suit your Christmas trend and colours, 2017 is the year to experiment!

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A great way to make your presents look extra special is making your own wrapping paper. You can get rolls of either brown or white parcel paper from almost anywhere and it will last you longer than any Christmas themed wrap. You can create your designs using anything you have to hand, cookie cutters, stamps, potato printing, which can be applied with paint or ink. This will make your gifts stand out under the tree, and don’t forget to personalise your gift tags too!

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Get your home smelling festive with various candles and reed diffusers. Some warm winter favourites are; cinnamon and orange, spiced apple, frankincense, gingerbread and wood fire scents.

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Setting the dinner table for the big day can be one of the last things on your mind, however once you have decided on your colour theme the rest will come naturally. You don’t need to spend a lot to create a beautiful centrepiece, we find the best ideas can be found on Pinterest. Why not try and make your own place names, here are some ideas to get you started.

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Adding a bit of sparkle is always welcome during the festive season, so why not glitter up your champagne glasses and toast in style.

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Nothing says Christmas like the smell of gingerbread wafting through the house. These cute little cupcakes are a perfect winter treat to offer your guests, and a fun thing to get the kids involved with too! Find the recipe here.




Scandinavian home living trends are inspiring designers around the UK. However not it’s not just their interiors that create a tasteful palette. Glogg is a continental version of mulled wine infused with spices and sweet flavours. Try it here.