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Chic and homely, Hydrangea groups authentic flowers, velvet stripes and petite circles with a meticulously formed style that airs sophistication with its dashingly dark hues of colour.

Hydrangea - The leading design is a stunning traditional hydrangea flower print on a linen type base. The flower in each colourway is tinted in neutral shades, set against a background of a 6 distinctive hues - Rosewood, China Blue, Teal, Charcoal, Chartreuse, Heather.

Trail - A co-ordinating print in a pretty leaf trail design. The leaves are coloured to match Hydrangea against a neutral linen background. Available in 5 colours - Rosewood, China Blue, Teal, Charcoal, Heather.

Verve - A classic velvet stripe, suitable for curtains and upholstery, in 6 harmonising colours - Blue, Teal, Chartreuse, Gold, Rosewood, Heather.

Ringo - A funky circle jacquard design, brings a contemporary mix to the collection. Available in 8 colours - Natural, Rose, Atlantic, Teal, Lime, Lavender, Ruby, Charcoal.