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Find yourself stepping into an eclectic array of specifically selected florals. A diverse collation with impressionable designs suited for every clientele. Boutique is one of our bestselling collections, with just four diverse fabrics that will make your room unique from any other.

Darcey and Evie are both available in 6 colours - Charcoal, Duck Egg, Lavender, Raspberry, Taupe, Misty.

Darcey - An attractive and elegant blossom design.

Evie - A textured swirl for a soft and contemporary look.

Verity and Cecily are both available in 5 colours - Charcoal, Duck Egg, Lavender, Raspberry, Taupe.

Verity - A modern tapestry design for a smart retro look

Cecily - A gorgeous tulip design for a glamourous look.