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An entrancing collection of enticing shapes and sequences coming together in harmony. Rhythm is composed of a swirling embroidery and textured chevron alongside two complementary natural plains. This combination of organic colours and textures fuse together calmingly to create a look of graceful symmetry.

Fandango, Flamenco & Waltz are all available in: Ash, Cream, Denim, Duck Egg, Lime, Midnight, Natural, Sand, Shadow, Sky Blue

Waltz is available in: Ash, Cream, Lime, Midnight, Natural, Sand, Sky Blue

Bolero – A textured small-scale chevron design.

Fandango – A chunky swirl embroidery on a linen base.

Flamenco – A slub-weave plain muslin sheer.

Waltz – A slub-weave linen plain.