sew6                                                        sew9                                                          sew10      sew5                                                   sew11                                                     sew12  Embroidery has been subtly creeping into our homes for a few years now, but it is only recently that the trend has become prominent.

Take a look around, you won’t struggle to see lampshades, curtains and cushions embroidered with floral and abstract designs. Weather it’s created by hand or machine the tactile trend is creating a lovely homemade feel to the family home.

The traditional cross stitch has been revamped and turned into the new fad. Designers are cross stitching into any materials they can, drilling into wood, weaving through wire railings and even taking it a step further by painting crosses on walls to create a feature mural.

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But it’s not just the interiors of the home that have been affected by embroidery, the simple stitch is flowing outside of the household. Climbing up buildings and embellishing rusted items found in the abandoned shed, restoring them to a new kind of shabby chic.

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Embroidery was first used in the home in tapestries to decorate the plain walls, but also to keep the room warm with the walls being so cold. But why are they still a strong contender in interior design? What is it about them that is spurring the market?

Embroidery is broad with its design, usually incorporating different colours and materials so it is sure to fit in with many design schemes.

It’s not just for design convenience but weather the embroidery has been sewn by hand or by machine it still gives the impression of a handmade home. This is what people are wanting in their home, they like hand created and personalised touches to make that room overflow with character.

We are widening our range of embroideries so keep watching for exclusive variations of the much loved stitch in the coming year. We will leave you with some previews of what is to come in the next few collections.

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