We don’t know about you, but for us up here in Chorley, it is definitely starting to feel like Winter is well on its way. And so, along with it, come the Winter blues.

But… This is not necessarily a bad thing!

The colour Blue is one with a breadth of different shades and tones, making it a favourite among many looking to create a range of looks in their homes. And it seems to be the colour of the moment! Here are, but a few, of the many looks you can make with this incredibly versatile colour scheme.

So, let’s start with those of you willing to be a bit more daring… Taking inspiration from a look put together in this months’ Ideal Home, why not team some royal blue and turquoise with a lime green or chartreuse yellow? Mixing traditional patterns,rich textures and classic furniture, to create a striking and decadent look.

                                                image-2                                                    image-1

Our gorgeous velvet, Eaton Square, would be perfect for this look.

                                                               image-3                                                 image-4

(Eaton Square Duck Egg, Teal, Sapphire, Turquoise, Aqua, Avocado, Pistachio)

For those loving the Eastern influences that are still comingthrough, but not necessarily the rich reds and oranges that often compliment this style. Fear not! Royal and cool blues can be used to give this look a fresher and more modern feel.

                                                                             image-5                                                               image-6

Check out our Treasures and Bazaar collections if this looks up your stre



(Bouchra Aqua, Bazaar Indigo)

If you’re looking for a warmer, and homelier feel, there is no need to shy away. By teaming darker blues with natural tones, traditional patterns with a subtle stripe or check, and uncomplicated furniture, you can achieve a timeless and comforting look and feel (similar to this one spotted in the Dunelm At Home Autumn/Winter 2016 Catalogue).


Country Living, Jacobean, and Hydrangea are three of our collections that are ideal if this is more your style.

image-13                                                               image-12

                                   image-15                                                               image-14

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Bess Indigo, Highland Lagoon,Verve Blue, Hydrangea China Blue)

So, there it is… The possibilities are endless. No matter what your style or shade preferences, there is definitely a Blue out there for all!

In other news…

We’ve been working hard on things for Spring 2017 here in the office over the past couple of weeks. If you’re lucky, we might treat you to two brand new books!

Our Pinterest page is now up and running (Hooray!).  We’ll be uploading images of our collections so you guys can add them to your own boards, putting together ‘inspiration’ boards for each collection so you can see where ideas for collections are drawn from and what sort of looks we envisage them helping to make, and also some trend boards, just to give you a hint at things we might be looking at for upcoming seasons.

Follow the link below to see what we’ve been pinning!