Amy Nicholls

My name is Amy Nicholls and I’m studying a Fashion and Textile course at Runshaw College. I am currently doing 2 weeks work experience at Bill Beaumont Textiles. So far I have completed many different tasks. First of all I sorted through all the different collections of fabrics putting them in alphabetical order to get more of an understanding of the different styles of fabric the company buys and sells. As I was doing this I picked out some of my favourite ones:

Ibiza – This was my overall favourite design. I loved how it was quite simple and neutral and then had a strip of colour into it to really stand out and freshen it up. The citrus colour was my favourite as I loved the grey and mustard/yellow together.


Classic/Isabella- These are two designs displayed together. Isabella is a more floral design with the colours raspberry, teal and lime. Classic consist of plain fabric but together with the block colour with the floral print I thought worked really well.


As well as fabric Bill Beaumont textiles also sells wallpaper. I looked through the different wallpapers and I really loved the sparkle collection especially the grey and silver toned colours. I liked how the collection was quite plain and simple but has lots hidden detailed within the design. I then looked through the latest wallpaper collection, Reclaimed. I found this really interesting as there was a lot of unusual wallpapers I wouldn’t think to design or use. In this collection I liked how it had quite a natural industrial theme to it having sections inspired by metals, woods and stones. As the business mainly sells fabric I spent some time picking out fabric samples and some full collections I thought would complement the wallpaper nicely. I found the Marrakesh tiles the most challenging to find a fabric to match with as this was so busy with lots of colours and patterns going on. My favourite one in the collection was the more unusual designs you wouldn’t typically have as wallpaper for example I really liked stacked slates as I think they look really artistic and would be a strong feature of the room. I enjoyed finding fabric to complement the wallpaper as it was challenging matching pattern against another pattern as I had never really done this before, as well as that it made me more aware of the different designs that are sold.

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During the two weeks of my work experience at Bill Beaumont textiles I have really enjoyed my time here. Everyone has made me feel so welcome and I feel like I now know more about the process into a buying and selling fabric within businesses’. I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge into how a fabric company runs and works day to day. I’ve learnt more about the different techniques used in the fabric like jacquard which is a way the fabric is weaved onto the loom. I have also been inspired by some of the fabric designs and textures I really like which later could inspire me to use into some of my college coursework in the future. Overall everyone has been lovely to work with and really helped me into understanding how a fabric business works.